The Players of Privately Famous

The Players of Privately Famous

The Primary People and Associates written of in this book are detailed within the story. Offered here are some simple descriptions based on my relationship with them. Others may have a different perspective, this is mine.

Jack Wade, first and foremost my best friend. Secondly, Jack is the President and CEO of Wade Worldwide Publishing and he is my publisher. He’s tall, sandy blonde hair, like mine, deep blue eyes, handsome, trim and athletic and fits into expensive suits like a glove.

Jack married his high school sweetheart who has helped him build his publishing business. Her Law Degree has come in handy when negotiating publishing contracts, especially those for international book sales and film rights.

Jack’s loyalty and business expertise is unquestionable, just as is his generosity, which he doesn’t like to discuss, so I won’t here.

Then there is Sam, also a life long friend. A Friend with special skills and connections, also which I won’t discuss here, as part of his mystery is to remain, just that. A Mystery.

And Josy. I’m not sure about her just yet. She’s petite, short dark hair, ivory skin, brown eyes, a tailored yet often casual dresser. When in business situations she seems quite confident. Being with her one on one, she seems at times to be in fear and on edge.

The attraction that I feel for Josy seems to be reciprocated. I felt myself falling hard for her, but not sure if I could trust my own feelings as well as her intentions, both said and unsaid.

Josy and I met due to the writers conference we were both attending in NYC, as I happened to be the main speaker and award recipient. Was our meeting planned by others? Or was it a blessed accident?

Hank Ramsan