Privately Famous New Release!


Privately Famous (Hank Ramsan) New Release!

Hank Ramsan became a successful writer using methods
unknown to the general public. It was the use of those
methods that turned the attention onto Hank by those who
controlled the worlds money.

In ‘Privately Famous,’ Hank divulges his methods, along the
way meeting the girl of his dreams; but, could he trust her?

Privately Famous’ takes place in the world of Art and
Publishing. The success of Hank Ramsan was known to many,
but his un-orthodox approach to success was hidden. Hidden
and known only to a select few until now.

At the Pinnacle of his success he met Josy and fell hard. Was
she who he hoped she was?

Privately Famous by Hank Ramsan newly released!
Available on Kindle, epub, PDF and Paperback.
on Feb 1, 2017)

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